Commentary: Manufacturing is on the ballot in South Carolina this November – Charleston Post Courier

There are many important issues South Carolina voters must think about as they cast their votes in this election. One issue they may not immediately consider, but one that is front and center this year, is manufacturing and its future in the Palmetto State. Whether it’s making the products needed by our families, first-responders and farmers, or its wider contribution to our state’s economy, voters need to understand the importance of manufacturing to South Carolina.

Over the past decade, the state has become a national manufacturing heavyweight. Since 2010, South Carolina has seen manufacturing grow by 18%, the second largest jump in the Southeast. Manufacturing now represents one-sixth of the gross state product.

While automakers and suppliers have been significant drivers of that growth, another important sector, and one that is often overlooked, is equipment manufacturers. Our industry builds and supplies the equipment used by contractors, farmers and utility workers to build,