How Predictive Analytics Can Help Manufacturing Industry During Covid-19 – Analytics Insight

Predictive Analytics

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the manufacturing industry. As the industry prepares to revive its operations in these disruptive times, it needs to switch to analytics-driven processes to streamline its operations in the most optimized way.  Let us look at how predictive manufacturing analytics can assist manufacturing industry to get back on its feet, stronger and in lesser time.

Enhance and Maintain Quality 

In the current scenario, the consumer has become extremely quality conscious. Quality checks have become stringent, and with the limited operational permissions, manufacturers need to take all measures possible to highest production quality.  Analytics not only enables manufacturers to improve production quality but also help them to get visibility into leakages and costs associated with poor quality yields. With predictive analytics, manufacturers can enforce quality check and thresholds across multiple production lines and get the best output.

Using machine learning-driven manufacturing analytics, users can quickly analyze a huge volume of data and identify problems even before they occur.

They can get real-time predictions on quality variation across processes and take corrective measures in time. Manufacturers can leverage predictive analytics to foresee warnings and take actions to prevent production loss due to poor quality.

Prevent Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Downtime due to sudden breakdowns is a major cost factor for manufacturers. It is critical for them to avoid breakdowns and ensure the smooth running of all automated machines.  However, sometimes breakdowns are hard to notice, and